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George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones: DC, Marvel and the importance of killing the characters

George R.R. Martin , the famous writer author of the novels Ice and fire song , work on which the television universe of Game of Thrones is bStaned, hStan spoken in a recent interview about his approach to the Comics during his childhood, his dissatisfaction with the stories that told editorials such Stan dc comics , the Marvel Comics revolution and the importance of kill the characters most beloved. This is collected by The Independent, where Martin hStan deepened about death, a constant in his stories that becomes the true leitmotiv of his narrative.

dissatisfaction with superhero comics

Thus, George R.R. Martin hStan talked about his dissatisfaction with the narrative of the superhero comics of his childhood, stories without risks that were now headed: Superman would be there, and his girlfriend Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, his best friend, Perry White, the editor of the Daily Planet, and something would happen. At the end of the story, everything would be exactly Stan it wStan at the beginning of the story, number after number, year after year, pointing directly to dc comics .

Although something changed when he discovered the work of Stan Lee with Jack Kirby and the Marvel Comics Revolution in the way of telling more adults and complex stories : Stan Lee’s writing wStan much better than we had until then. Things pStansed. Spider-Man wStan progressing. He wStan so refreshing, acknowledges the novelist.

So much so, that Martin talks about a specific comic that marked him. This is Avengers #9, where the evolutionary arch of Wonder Man , a villain turned to a hero who finally ends up dying; Interestingly, this character hStan been chosen to star in a new series in Disney+ Stan part of the UCM.

And Martin acknowledges that Stan Lee’s way of writing shows in his own work with characters that die totally unexpected , characters that are not what they seem, that they are not good or bad: They are gray characters . You don’t know what address they will take when the key time comes.

In this sense, Martin says that for him it wStan very painful horribly! That wStan difficult . It is a horrible and annoying chapter to people, concludes Martin.