The best designs of boats in Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure

The game Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure ideally combines a creative approach to construction and excitement of survival on the waves. The players are faced with the task of building the best boats that will deliver them to the chest with treasures that awaiting them at the very end of the river! Players can create endless design capabilities-from style to technology or just creating a ship for speed. However, if you really want to go for treasures and gold, you will need a boat that will quickly and effectively deliver you through all the waves to the last island. Here are the five best designs that can help you!

Most of them require certain items for their successful creation, so you may have to first pave the way to obtain these items. A great way to do this is to fulfill several quests or try your strength in codes for free items!

helicopter boat

A vertical boat is an excellent choice (especially for new players), because it does not require many details for its assembly, except for oil and loop . You can get oil blocks by completing the quest, Find me . A vertical boat is a quick vessel that will quickly lead you through all the waves and a relatively easy to control.

How to build a helicopter boat

  • Place the rod to support.
  • Put five bricks in your choice in a cruciate order-one on the rod and two on each side.
  • Place the loop in the center.
  • Place your character in front of a hinge, face to water.
  • Place two pieces of oil on a loop, sliding along the back of your character and gluing you in place.
  • Remove the supporting rod.

Magnet boat

This magnetic boat has excellent control and speed that will help you overcome the waves as soon as possible. Nevertheless, you need to have a pilot’s seat so that it works as planned. Without it, you will get out of control.

How to build a magnetic boat

  • Place the supporting rod.
  • Build five wooden bricks through the rod in a row.
  • Put the pilot’s chair in front, facing the water.
  • Place the loop in the middle of the wooden parts behind the chair.
  • Put the magnet on the back side facing the loop.
  • Place the brick over the loop.
  • Sit in a chair.
  • Remove the supporting rod.
  • Activate the magnet.

Sani boat

This boat is called a dietary boat due to its smooth and simple design, reminiscent of a sleigh. This is a relatively simple assembly with excellent control, if you have a pilot’s seat . You must be able to continue to press the gap to raise it into the air, and you can control the boat using ordinary walking controls.

How to build a boat on a sleigh

  • Place the supporting rod.
  • Place one wooden brick on top of the rod, five bricks coming forward to the line, and one that goes beyond your initial wooden brick.
  • Place six metal or more durable bricks on each side of wooden bricks, leaving one rear brick sticking out.
  • Use two steps or rods facing each other on the back of your metal platforms.
  • Place a wooden brick between them, as if they support him.
  • Place the magnet on the last piece of wood behind and direct the magnet on the restrained brick.
  • Place the pilot’s chair on the edge of the wooden base of metal platforms.
  • Sit on a chair.
  • Remove the supporting rod.
  • Activate your magnet.

alternative magnetic boat

This is another excellent magnet design that does not require a large number of details, but will depend on your efforts. Pilot seat . This is a super-suffering version, which means that it can be a little more difficult to control. The pilot’s seat is necessary to help you manage it.

How to build an alternative magnetic boat

  • Place the supporting rod.
  • Place the titanium brick or a more durable brick on top of the support rod.
  • Place the pilot’s chair opposite the front of the brick face.
  • Place the two rods from the titanium brick behind the pilot’s chair.
  • Build a loop immediately behind the first titanium brick on top of the rod.
  • Place another titanium brick on the loop.
  • Place the magnet on the very end of the two rods facing the hinge.
  • Sit on the seat.
  • Remove the supporting rod.
  • Activate the magnet.

Bill Ballo

A boat-hip ball is a great choice for those who have no pilot’s place. All you need is a little inflatable balls a magnet and fireworks -the objects that can be obtained by codes or buy in a store. This is a simple vessel that is a little easier to control, since it is not so fast. Be sure to release balloons when you get too high, and activate them again to rise above.

How to build a ball of balloons

  • Place the support rod down.
  • On top of the rod, install a wooden seat.
  • Build two wooden bricks coming forward from the seat.
  • Place two rods up from wooden bricks.
  • Place two more wooden bricks over the rods.
  • Put the titanium brick or a more durable brick on the front of the wooden bricks.
  • Place two balloons over the upper wooden bricks.
  • Build a magnet on the back of wooden bricks, directed opposite your titanium brick.
  • Place the two rods emerging from the magnet.
  • Put on the hinge at the end of the rods.
  • Place a wooden brick at the end of the loop.
  • Sit on the seat.
  • Place the fireworks inside your character, attaching it to the upper rods above you.
  • Remove your seat and make sure that you are glued to the rods.
  • Remove the supporting rod.
  • Activate your balloons and magnet.


Have you succeeded in these designs? What are the designs of the boats most of all at Build a Boat? Let us know in the comments below!

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