Netmarble Cultural Foundation, Game Academy Boot Camp 2 recruitment

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo reporter] The Netmarble Cultural Foundation (Chairman Bang Jun-hyuk) announced on the 15th that it will recruit the second participants of the Game Academy Boot Camp.

The Game Academy Boot Camp is a program that fosters experts who specialize in game development through intensive mentoring for students with experience and capabilities. Last year, it was newly established for the 5th anniversary of the game academy.

Unlike the existing game academy, which provides a general-purpose curriculum for game development for eight months based on offline, Boot Camp is characterized by online training training for about two months during the vacation.


Boot Camp can be applied to individuals or teams (up to 6 people) if you are 13 to 18 years of age who have experience in game development or have novel game planning and development capabilities. If you wish, you will be able to download and write the application from the Netmarble Cultural Foundation’s homepage until 6 pm on July 19, and submit it with the portfolio produced by you or the team.

Students who were selected after the document screening and in-depth interview will receive support for expert coaching and app market launch for game development for about two months from the end of July, and also offer game competitions that can showcase the competence of participating students. Awards excellent works and awarded prizes.

Lee Na-young, Secretary General of the Netmarble Cultural Foundation, said, Boot camp, which has been in progress since 2021, provides advanced education for the entire process from the development and operation based on the educational know-how accumulated at the Game Academy. I hope and participate in the potential talents to go.