BEST SOLO MMOS Star Trek Online – Be the captain of your spaceship.

The MMORPG Star Trek Online (STO) takes place in the universe of popular TV series and films about Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, and the other heroes. You take control of your spaceship and not only experience battles in space but also adventures on planets or space stations.

But you also have to take care of your crew and can act together with other players on missions. New content appears regularly in episodes that continue the story like in a TV series.

Starship captains are never alone.
That’s the highlight: be the captain of your spaceship and sit in the command chair on the bridge like Captain Kirk. This is what Star Trek Online offers you. Commanding a ship, navigating in combat, and flying to distant worlds perfectly captures the Star Trek atmosphere. Here you feel like you are experiencing your series.

The missions can be mastered well alone. As the GG4 author reports, there is no need to team up with other players since many things can be done quickly on your own, and thanks to the NPC crew, you don’t get the feeling of being lonely in space.

An MMORPG in two phases
How Star Trek Online Plays: Star Trek Online offers two levels:

First, you control a spaceship.
On the other hand, you beam yourself to the surface of planets or space bases

You steer your ship through space fog and past asteroids. In addition, you deliver tactical but action-packed battles in space.

If you then beam to a planet, STO is more reminiscent of a classic MMORPG. You explore places, fight enemies, and experience exciting missions.

In addition, you can join forces with other players to form fleets and face challenges together. But that is not necessary.

What are STO’s plans?
The developers want to continue delivering new content regularly ten years after the release. There will always be connections to series like Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Picard, and you can experience new stories. After all, the MMORPG is structured like a Star Trek series that keeps going.

The game will continue to receive content updates in 2022 and regularly launch events for players to participate in. The updates in STO recently appeared approximately every three weeks and always brought more minor updates or offers. The last major update was the defense of Pahvo on May 31, 2022.

Playing Star Trek Online alone can provide many hours of fun. You can experience many missions, fight space battles and explore the universe of Star Trek. You will not be forced to team up with other players.

You can play Star Trek Online for free. New episodes are also free. In the in-game shop, you can buy new spaceships, officers for your crew, and other items, for example.