Rise of kingdoms

Soulstice confirms its release for September 2022


The equilibrium of the sacred kingdoms of Keidas is threatened when powerful and vicious animals called specters go across the veil to attack the area as well as ravage the globe of the living. The specters corrupt their sufferers as well as acquire their bodies, therefore creating invincible beasts that assault the citizens. Briar as well as Lute, 2 sisters reincarnated in the type of a chimera, are the only ones that can shield mankind.

Features ofsoulstice _.

The balance of the sacred kingdoms of Keidas is threatened, and 2 sisters need to withstand savage animals insoulstice _. Scheduled for September 20, 2022 on computer, PS5 as well as Xbox Series, the game is developed by Reply Game Studios.

Discover a depressing globe full of secrets, master an abundant combat system, as well as personify the duality of the pressures of the 2 siblings in this great learning tale rich in actions, remarkable bosses as well as relentless opponents. Manage the 2 personalities at the same time.