Pokemon designer James Turner leaves Gaifuri -the creator of Massiboon and Banipucci

It was revealed that designer James Turner had left the game freak.

James Turner has been active as a designer in the Pokemon series in Game Fresh. He has designed Massiboon, Banipucci system and Kyodaimax Gengar, and has been an art director in Pokemon Shield.

After leaving the company, he established the game studio All Possible Futures with Bidds, known for The Swords of Ditto. At Devolver Direct 2022 held on June 10, the first development title THE PLUCKY SQUIRE was announced for Nintendo Switch/PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Steam.

On the SNS of James Turner, there was a reaction on SNS, such as I’m sad because there were so many Pokemon I like… Some voices say, I’m expecting a good design in Xintiandi.