Ereban: Shadow Tradition: Eine neue Stealth

The title is to appear in 2023, Ereban: Darkness Tradition has thus far only been revealed for computer (by means of Steam) and also the Xbox consoles (including lots genetics). Far there is no inquiry of a Playstation version, not even on the official side to the game.

Magical shadow forces meet sophisticated: in Ereban you merge with the dark and brings robo guards nearby. The first video game of a Spanish studio desires to make Schleich followers pleased.

Ayana is the forgotten sprout of a lost clan, it is the Ereban and needs to find the origins of its very own past in the area of tension of a modern city. Sounds a little bit blown, but has an extremely eye-catching effect in the first trailer (see listed below): Ayana dives into the darkness as well as can after that whip via the floor and even bridge much longer flows on walls-when revolving rotor blades of an air flow system toss shadows on the concrete. At the press of a button, Ayana fires out of the darkness and transforms the robot awake the tinny necks. Elsewhere, she whizzes over roofs, sends or makes use of elevators out an impulse to make all enemies visible close by. Below you have a couple of fresh screenshots from the video game.

Alex Márquez, Developer & Founder from Baby Robot Games, shows:baby Robot Games is a young indie studio from Spain-since childhood we have love computer game as well as we intend to pass on our joy, excitement and also memories of gaming. We desire Creating enjoyable experiences with initial mechanics, strong graphics as well as fascinating stories-that’s precisely what we finish with our initial title-Ereban: Shadow Legacy. The game is an action-packed, pure stealth system, the spectacular graphics and ingenious video game technicians with an exciting story in one Integrated a new sci-fi world. Your job is to discover the strange partnership between the cryptic energy megaconian Helios and also your shed ancestors. Combine Ayana’s dexterity with her magical darkness pressures and state-of-the-art gizmos to browse for the truth Every little thing as well as every person who stands in your means to either prevent or beat En. _