Our mobile choice of the week: Turnip Boy Commites Tax Evasion, an actual turnip!

Probably it is also as well late for you according to your geographical location… if necessary, Bruno Lemaire can well obtain upset because you are in the very same situation as the hero of our game of the day: in special with the tax management. Alas, I question that the journeys that await you are as amusing as well as thrilling as those that can be lived in Turnip Boy Commites Tax Evasion.


If the visuals and thetrailerdid not place the chip in your ear and also you have dried Ms. Baudry also much to understand that Turnip indicates turnip in English, the wacky of Turnip Boy Commites Tax Evasion may have left you. As proof, the tale that puts you in the footwear of a tiny turnover indebted to the tops with the mayor onion that all of a sudden (and substantially) raised neighborhood taxes.