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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Leaks points to the return of a mythical city from the game

The version of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has recently become official, and it hasn’t taken long for its first significant leak to the surface.

Remember, shortly after the title came out, a pretty big leak announced that mobile Battle Royale players look like they’re going to find the iconic city of Verdansk on their devices. Although Activision has yet formalized nothing at the time of writing, new leaks have emerged, and this time it is the first image of said city.

Verdansk points to Warzone Mobile
It is not yet official, so we tell you that it is just a rumor at the moment. However, they are leaks from the most prominent insiders in the Call of Duty community, including the CoD_Perseus Twitter account, which posted screenshots of the mobile game.

Unfortunately, the tweet was removed for copyright infringement (which suggests this leak is accurate). Still, another account had time to take these images and repost them.

Through these different screenshots, we see that Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will have its plot in our good old town of Verdansk. In these, our emblematic places of the city do appear, in one of them an aerial view through the departure plane, and of course, all the POIs that we all know: Countryside, Port, Park, or Center.

In another screenshot, we also see our name first good old gulag in the history of this Battle Royale in the famous showers.

Warzone Mobile, what is its release date?
Last May, Activision made a statement about Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, which responded to the name of Project Aurora. According to the studio, the mobile game is currently in a closed Alpha phase for only a few players, but invites to testing will increase in the coming weeks.

Several aspects of the game are studied, although not everything is available yet. But the mobile game will reveal more through the different Alpha phases, and of course, we can count on our leaders to find out more and more.

As for its release date, no information has been communicated now, and we will have to patiently go through the trouble before we have a definitive release date.