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How to unlock the quests of the Arkasodar animal tribe in Final Fantasy XIV

In Update 6.15, the quests of the Arkassodar beasts tribe were added to the Final Fantasy XIV. The first quests of the animal tribe in the Endwalker supplement, these tribal quests will see how you help an elephant-like Arkasodar with a series of supplies. However, in order to unlock them, you need to go through a rather long quest chain. This is how you unlock tribal quests.

Complete the line of the Matanga on the way.

Your first step is to go to Kakan in the traveler, located on coordinate X: 25.4, Y: 31.2. This begins the quest chain with Kakan and AU Ra Samurai Ogul, who are trying to investigate some thefts. In this quest chain you will talk with fishermen before finding a thief in the city. Having stopped the thief for three missions, you proceed to the next step. These are synchronization quests at 80, so you can perform them with secondary classes, the level of which you are trying to increase.

Fill out what’s in your parents? Quest line


Then you will need to go to the parade stand to complete what is in the parent? (X: 29.3, Y: 15.2) a quest line. In this quest, you are trying to find new parents for orphans, and also help residents of the stand of Prayka. The completion of this chain of tasks will open the last step in unlocking the quests of the tribe of the animals of Arkasodar. These are also synchronization quests at 80 levels.

Hippos born to run

This is a quest that opens the tribal quests of Arkasodar. In it, you will meet a TRNO, Arkassodar, who teaches hippos riding. Swaying on one of her hippos, you came up with that they can be used for delivery, and now you have unlocked the quests!

tribal quests of Arkasodar

Daily quests Arcasodars are available from Maru in Welcome Salty Wind (x: 20.1, U: 27.7). You can use three of your daily stocks of animal tribes to perform quests of the Arcasodars. For this, you will receive the Arcasodar Pan, which can be exchanged for awards, including the Mount of the Hippo Tail.

To get additional guidelines and information about the Final Fantasy XIV, get acquainted with the Final Fantasy XIV, which will rename the quests of the animal tribe into the quests of the tribe in patches 6.2.