Industrial sim Captain of Industry early access distribution started and started well. In the processed mining, construction and trade system, immersed industrial urban management

On May 31, the developer Mafi Games launched an industrial simulation Captain of Industry early. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The number of players in this work seems to be increasing to the right because of the well-kneaded game and the addictive to forget the time. Although there is no notation on the Steam store page, it supports Japanese display with volunteer cooperation.

Captain of Industry is an industrial simulation game. We will operate colonies while continuing to study new technologies, mined raw materials, build factories, and trade with other islands. Ultimately, it seems that a rocket for space development can be fired.

Game play is the flow of unlocking various technologies and facilities in the lab, while managing resources while operating factories. In order to distribute resources to each facility, it is necessary to assign vehicles such as trucks. People who work in laboratory and factories need food, of course. By promoting research, you can unlock various cultivation techniques and respond to food demand.

By building a lighthouse, it is possible to welcome refugees to increase the population. In addition, facilities and equipment may require connections such as pipelines. Charcoal kilns and blast furnaces are chimney, and blast furnaces are metal rolling stations. It is also possible to copy or cut the facility by specifying the range and paste it. Place several of the same facilities and aim for further mass production.

If you explore the world by boat, you will find allies and refugees who are trading partners. However, there are pirates in the sea. Let’s upgrade the ship by renovating engine, armor, weapon, etc. Trading with allies can obtain a shortage of resources, which is an important option in resource management.

Mafi Games is the one who works on this work. Marekfišer is a studio launched with his friend Filip. They seemed to have started making games six years ago. However, because it was only work on weekends, the development was stuck. However, one year before the direction of the game was solidified, he decided to stop working as a software engineer and concentrate on the development of this work. And on May 31, Captain of Industry was fully distributed early. He is very happy to see the users enjoying works that include their own game love, although they sometimes feel the pressure of making decisions as a developer.

This work has been highly evaluated for forgetting time and playing with the well-kneaded game system. The evaluation from the user was excellent, and in the Steam user review, 88 % of the status was very popular status. It seems that many players are working on factory management day and night. Shortly after the early access distribution on May 31, the number of simultaneously connected players exceeded 2,500 was recorded. Since then, the number of players has been steadily increasing, and the number of simultaneous connections is recorded up to about 5,800 at the time of writing (SteamDB). In addition, the difference in the number of players during the peak time and the non-time zone is relatively small, so many users have been playing for a long time. It may be the addiction of this game.

Captain of Industry is being distributed early for PC (Steam). Although not indicated on the Steam store page, it supports Japanese display with volunteer cooperation.