Does Elden Ring nerf two of the most challenging fights in the game, intentional change or mistake?

Elden Ring continues to fascinate players from all over the world, and although it has been on sale for three months, it still leaves details to comment on. Not only because of the challenges offered by the adventure itself but also because of its changes, making the experience very different now compared to what it was when it left.

You already know that these types of games are usually squeezed to the maximum by the community, who are attentive to every slight change despite the vastness of the scenario. Some know the game like the back of their hand and have realized that, since patch 1.04, implemented last April, some bosses had lost much of their difficulty.

Bosses lose their shine.
During a video explaining the changes made by the famous 1.04 patch, the user named Illusory Walls highlights the noticeable changes in the behavior of certain bosses. This refers to group bosses, such as the Crucible Knight Duo or the formidable Sacroderm Duo.

From minute 10:50 of the Illusory Walls video, this more than strange phenomenon can be observed, which seems to slow down one of the two bosses of each duo. The creature then pauses and waits for its partner to attack before attacking. As a result, the charges against the player don’t come too quickly, giving the Lightless a brief reprieve.

Therefore, since this update, duo bosses are much less aggressive and allow players to attack much more often. A welcome mod for those who couldn’t get past these bosses but criticize by fans of soul-specific challenges like this guy.

Voluntary nerf or bug?
This is the question Elden Ring players are asking: Did the FromSoftware teams intentionally weaken these bosses? Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but it’s unlikely to be a bug.

First, boss duos that have been nerfed are rated very hard by the community. Therefore, they have given the players a hard time, although they are far from impossible. Thus, the FromSoftware teams could have slightly weakened the bosses in question.

Perhaps because of these small details, Elden Ring has often been called the easiest Souls. Because if you think Elden Ring is intricate, you probably haven’t played Dark Souls or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. FromSoftware is undoubtedly looking to make Elden Ring a Souls-like mainstream, more likely to attract many players.

Therefore, everything would lead one to believe that this nerf is voluntary and that the FromSoftware teams did it to facilitate the victory of the Lightless, who cannot compete with the boss duos. However, nothing has been confirmed, and thanks to a future patch, the bosses in question may find their old difficulty.