Marvel future revolution

This is what Delorean looks from back to the future of the 2022 model year

The fact that Delorean from the film “Back to the Future” will soon return in an updated form and with electric motors, we already wrote some time ago. Now we were introduced to us in all its glory, and also talked about the characteristics. The ITALDESIGN studio was engaged in the design, which is responsible and for the original Delorean.

DeLorean is BACK!

Up to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour), the car accelerates in 3.4 seconds, and the maximum speed will be 241 kilometers per hour. The exact volume of the battery and engine power has not yet been disclosed, but the range is 483 kilometers along the EPA cycle. Initially, only 88 copies of this car will be produced, but later the lineup will be replenished with a gasoline machine, as well as an electric sedan and a crossover. You can find the appearance of the new Delorean Alpha5 in the album below.