V Rising

How to surprise and win your enemies in V Rising PvP mode?

Before you dive into the abyss of PvP in V Rising, we recommend that you first take a spin in PvE to see how the game works. Stunlock’s title offers many subsystems that can take a bit of time to get used to before being well assimilated. But if you feel ready to enter the arena, here are some ways to make life difficult for enemy clans on your server.

Through vampire ways
The different vampiric forms allow you to blend into the background and go unnoticed by the same group of creatures. Therefore, these powers are beneficial if you want to hide or mix with monsters to surprise your enemies. Rat form is probably the one you’ll use the most, as it turns you into a miniature, perfect for sneaking into an enemy base or hiding in the bushes to escape a tense situation.

With explosives
Explosive crates placed on busy roads can create hellish chaos, even if it requires a lot of anticipation and trickery: the explosion is triggered from a considerable distance, and it is an extensive blast radius visible to all. It is better to use them in deep woods and shoot them with a crossbow. Even outside of raids, good use of explosives can make a difference and allow you to create ambushes or surprise your opponents.

Using the heights
With V Rising’s camera angle, it’s impossible to see what’s going on above you, so rising offers significant strategic advantages in PVP. Glimpsing good locations aloft, it can pounce on its prey and create a nice surprise effect, only to engage well in the confrontation. Later on, certain vampire forms will give you new ways to take advantage of the map’s topography.

With the presence of a boss
It’s ugly, but that’s the game: you can get the Zebul into a boss fight started by another group of players. The most potent guardians are often positioned high up, making it difficult to get a good overview of the situation before attacking; however, every such arena also has emergency “exits” on the sides, and it is always possible quickly. Runaway from a boss area by jumping off cliffs – If things aren’t going your way, take advantage of these emergency exits.

Waiting for them at the exit of their castle
It hasn’t been fixed now, and it’s a shame, but as we discussed in our general PvP tips, it is possible to see through enemy castle walls by walking around them. Therefore, it is possible to spy on the actions of your enemies by observing what is happening at home and taking them by surprise when they finally come out of their lair.