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How to complete the Fortnite challenge to cut the electricity from the IO control panels?

The penultimate mission in the series will ask you to venture into the maze of air ducts in the IO HQ to cut the power there. You are shown the locations of the control panels to disable them.

Before the grand finale of this season of Fortnite takes its course, you’ll need to cut power to three separate control pans for this tenth week of challengesels. Your big mission is to retrieve OI information and sabotage their base. And this is the most convoluted adventure of the season since you will have to go through the meanders of the air ducts of the Control Cavern. This location is explicitly on your map, but once there, the objects to interact with are well hidden.

First control panel
Meet at the south underground entrance of the Control Cavern
Take the first door on the left, after the hole with the containers

In the bunk room, please use the floor level air outlet
Then turn left once into the duct. You will find another grid. The first control panel is just behind.

Go out doing the opposite, until the underground entrance through which you came.

Second control panel
Go up the stairs from the south entrance
The first door on the right once up
Take the air vent at the back of the room
Pass the grill right in front of the first air outlet
You land in a secret room, which contains the second Control Panel

To get to the third and final control panel, exit the small secret room by turning right and then right again.
You will leave like this through another air outlet, which leads to a staircase.

Third control panel
The last panel is opposite the previous two but is still in the basement
Head northwest and stay in the basement of OI

The target entrance is in the building next to which is a giant airlock marked with the seal of the OI.
Enter the building, then go to the right, to the small alcove near the computers. You will find the air outlet.

Once in the duct, continue to the bottom, then to the right, through a grate.
The last panel is just behind, in another secret room
If you ever get a bit lost, remember that the exclamation points will show you the locations of the signs once you’re inside the buried HQ if the quest is available to you.