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Black Desert Console, Launch and Season of Dracania: Dracania Start

Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin-young) released a new black desert console ‘Dracania’ today (25th).

‘Dracania’ was the 24th new class of the Black Desert, which was first introduced on the Black Desert PC in April. Use a two-handed sword and a secondary weapon ‘shard’ called the main weapon ‘Slayer’. As a representative skill, ‘Mark Tanan’s hand gesture’, which draws ‘ion’ and makes a decisive hit, and charges ‘ion’, attracts enemies, and has a powerful attack. It has ‘Mark Tanan’s scales’ that can condense and endure enemy attacks.

Black Desert Console ‘Season: Dracania’ started. Users can play Dracania on the season server. The challenge event will be held to pay rewards according to the level that is achieved by ‘Dracania’. According to the achievement level of ‘Dracania’ ▲ [Event] Shakatu’s brilliant box (battle) ▲ [event] Shakatu’s brilliant box (life) ▲ [event] Various rewards are available.

In addition, we have also prepared various rewards and challenges for new/return adventurers to help users grow rapidly. New users can obtain additional rewards such as the main request for the end of July 20, when completing the prophecy of the end of the end, the wizard gospi, the warehouse management maid] Fairy Irene and the wizard gospi.

Drakania Succession Questline Guide (Black Desert Online)

In addition, the ‘Tuvala Cup’ console competition will be held. It will be held in a way to compete as a season character, and will be accepted in early June.

For more information on the Black Desert Console ‘Dracania’ update, please visit the official website.