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Which are the Primary keys to the success of LoL MSI 2022 G2 Esports?

G2 continues the masterclass in Busan for the MSI, and several players burst the screen. Caps were monstrous again, Flakked impressed in his first year at the highest level, Targamas chained some excellent decision-making, and Jankos single-handedly blew the Vietnamese away with a 10/0/5. But in this avalanche of praise, let’s not forget the 5th member of the roster: Broken Blade.

This ever-smiling top layer has already experienced the international. After signing with TSM, he played in the 2020 World Cup, and we met him by watching him play very aggressive picks (Camille, Irelia, Jayce…). But the German has evolved, and his pool of champions now seems limitless. At MSI, we see BB playing a lot of tanks, and it works well! It is no coincidence that he has earned the nickname Top Father.

Our colleagues at MGG France had the opportunity to speak with this talented player after his victory against Saigon Buffalo. He was always very collective and did not hesitate to speak well of his colleagues. Happy but lucid, he remains focused on his goal: to bring the Cup back to Europe.

Broken Blade is a magician who has more than one trick.
Whether at TSM or Schalke 04, Broken Blade stood out for his running ability. The toplaner is considered by some to be an isolated island. But with BB, you never get bored, and his previous teams did not hesitate to play around him. Earlier in the year, G2 tended to continue this tradition. But over the season, both team and player have evolved their gameplay, Broken Blade hasn’t lost any of its mechanics, and at MSI, we still got to see it from time to time with duelists (Fiora, Yone, Camille).

But the German has also become a super tank player. For example, he did excellent jobs with Ornn and Sion to serve as a pure tank for his team. Increasingly complete, he shines for his versatility. The former Impact world champion, long considered a benchmark in the top lane, pales compared to the European champion.

The role of BB may be unappreciative, but he accepts it with a smile, as always. He serves as a buffer to absorb the pressure. At the same time, his teammates tear up the rest of the map. A few years ago, BB might have bowed or given up. But today, he has become a natural rock. Immovable and solid, nothing can move this silent force.

The G2 team tuned like a music box.
We wouldn’t necessarily have bet Broken Blade earlier in the year to be that good on the weak side. But the player has adapted perfectly to expand his champion pool. In addition, it is worth noting that the rest of the team has also improved enormously. Since the start of the MSI, caps have been monstrous and a constant threat to their opponents. According to the toplaner, this return to form can be explained by two simple reasons:

Firstly, CAPS knows how to play extremely well under pressure and is buoyed by the presence of an audience that lights up when he makes a masterful move.
Secondly, CAPS is pleased. It may just be a detail for us, but it means a lot for him. In 2021, G2 was not doing well, and the former Fnatic midlaner was not happy. But this year, the group is living very well on and off the court.
Broken Blade also wanted to congratulate Targamas for their input. Karmine Corp’s former Support travels everywhere and manages to support all of his teammates. For a long time, the player was seen as an assistant to his ADC. Since then, times have changed, and Targamas perfectly embodies the figure of modern Support. European fans can dream of a new international title with such a team.