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Which Is The Least Popular Champion In The History Of League Of Legends?

These days, any League of Legends player who wants to can take a look at champion stats. Knowing the win rate of a character or his popularity is not complicated. The transparency helps us play correctly and allows us to conclude the title, but that has also played tricks on Riot Games. One of the most obvious is the one related to the popularity of the characters and the usual complaints that seeing a champion selected in just 0.5% of the games generates.

The least popular champion in the history of League of Legends
Skarner (0.41%) and Aurelion Sol (0.49%) are the least selected characters. However, a League of Legends developer has revealed that the situation was much direr a few years ago. The champions with the lowest popularity ratings before so many stats were stacked had a much lower pick rate than the two heroes mentioned so far. A situation that was especially serious in the case of Urgot, who is the least loved character in history if we look at his version before the 2017 rework.

Riot August, who explained the situation in his stream, began by explaining that Old Urgot had a bizarre kit of skills that didn’t feel like a part of League of Legends. With him, the character had a mix between a marksman and an attrition mage that, for most of the time, didn’t work. This situation meant that the funniest elements of his spells, such as the ultimate, didn’t make much sense to him. He always stayed in an intermediate case that didn’t allow him to fully perform in any position unless the metagame very favored him.

However, the biggest problem is that he was not a fun character for most. The champion was played competitively for a few periods and even dominated SoloQ games at his win rate, but he couldn’t quite convince anyone. There are certain characters that, if they are correct, will be played by everyone. If you see Jinx in the LCS, you will want to play Jinx (…). If Akali has a 52% win rate, you can bet that everyone will jump on the bandwagon.

Continuing his explanation, August pointed out this difference and drew a comparison with the Aurelion Sol case. No one wanted to pick it even when the dragon was hot in competitive or had great win rates in SoloQ. A scenario that, much more exaggerated, is identical to the one that old Urgot found. He could win every game, and no one would pick him because he didn’t quite fit into League of Legends. His conflicting abilities and his undefined role made players not attracted to him.

As a side note, it should also be added that the design of the old Urgot will not be remembered as the most inspired made by the artists of Riot Games. His rework can maintain the fantasy of being a mechanical monster with human traces, but he does it in a much more exciting way. Not in vain, and although he is currently far from being the most chosen character in the video game, he is now selected in 2.8% of the games.