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God of War Ragnarok will have over 60 accessibility settings

Santa Monica Studio says that God of War Ragnarok in a new “The most accessible God of War of ever” will highlight the blog entry of various accessibility settings that will be included in the upcoming PS5 game. The studio says that there will be a total of over 60 different settings for accessibility, including several new or improved functions, in addition to everyone used in God of War 2018.

God of War Ragnarok UPDATE! Visual Upgrade, Details, Accessibility

One of the greatest progress is the subtitle and label settings of Ragnarök, which are highly adaptable with different font sizes, backgrounds and text colors. The article states that Ragnarök has a “fully revised and reaction -fast user interface”, which can also be adapted to the needs of the players, with the possibility of making the symbols and text sizes much greater than in earlier games.

The visual options also extend to the gameplay, with a new mode with a high contrast, with which you can assign objects or enemies to unmistakable colors in order to highlight them.

In order to help with gameplay aspects such as struggle, navigation and puzzle solution in Ragnarök, there are also a few great functions, such as audio cues that can be played when you find something you can interact with, traversal assists, who can help you jumping gaps or fireplace in a automatic chimney, or the sound gardening indicator, who can show the source of important noises and sound effects.

Santa Monica Studio has also created its new confortation function in order to be more customizable than ever before.

While a lot of information about the new game, including the GOD of War Ragnarök publication date, is currently in the air and unannounced, it is good to see that Sony prioritizes barrier freedom functions in this way. Today’s blog post was only the beginning, because Santa Monica Studio said that in the future we will also hear more about other functions, including combat and puzzle aids.