How to Create a Free Minecraft Server?

Do you want to play Minecraft in co-op or multiplayer but don’t want to rent a paid server? No problem. Our guide explains how to set up your world for you and your friends quickly and the difference between server types.

Renting a Server vs. Building a Server: What’s the Difference?
If you rent a server for Minecraft from an external provider, the server is constantly online and accessible by all server members at any time of the day or night. However, if one of you created a server yourself on your computer, this will only be available in the corresponding server member is currently active and hosting it.

Free vs Paid Servers: What’s the Difference?
There are also differences in the quality and functionality of servers. Paid servers usually come with more RAM, whole (S)FTP access, DDoS protection, lower latency, and freedom of choice of server locations. Providers like Aternos and Co. also offer free server rentals, but the performance is lower than the servers you pay monthly.

However, if you want to play lightly with a few friends in multiplayer or a couple in co-op and don’t plan on major projects, then an accessible self-hosted server will suffice. We explain how it works!

How to create and host an accessible server
Set up the server
Visit minehut.com and select »Get Started«
Create an account with your email address and confirm your verification email
Click on »Create new server «.
Choose a name for your server as the domain
Click on »Create«
You will be redirected to the dashboard and click on »Activate Server« next to the server name.
If you scroll down to »Server Properties«, you can adjust things like max players or PvP.

Connect to server
Keep the server dashboard open and start Minecraft
From the main menu, select »Multiplayer«
On the next screen, click on »Direct Connection«
Here you and your friends enter the server address generated by the domain of your choice and ending with ».minehut.gg«
Click “Join Server” and you’ll play together in a permanently saved world where the adventure can begin.