Westfalia Rhynern is second

Nobody was able to hold the water on Sunday FC Kaan-Marienborn, the Nehrbauer team at TuS Erndtebrück made half a dozen full (6: 1) and defended the lead. But at the top, it is still closely.

A good keyword for SG Wattenscheid 09 is narrow, for which it did not look like a threesome with the ASC 09 Dortmund. Especially not after nine minutes when Podehl brought the Dortmund in front. The SGW struggled for a long time, but discovered its fighting spirit in the second half and therefore earned by Schmitz to equalize (62nd)

In the final phase, the Wattenscheider were then on top, first Lerche (81.), then Casalino (83.), which should by no means prove to be a gentle relaxation pillow, because West shortened in the 86th minute and the last Minutes turned into a nerve thriller. But the SGW brought all three points to the finish, while the ASC will finally have nothing to do with this defeat.

SV Westfalia Rhynern II 2-4 BSV

Kandic answers for Gütersloh

The division of points in direct duel meant a sensitive damper for SC Paderborn II and FC Gütersloh. In the 1-1, the Paderborn showed offspring, Tugbenyo brought the ball from an acute angle in the goal (15th). However, this lead melted very quickly, because Kandic benefited from a mistake in the building game, immediately took off from 30 meters and goalkeeper Schulze, who was a bit too far in front of his box, was powerless (20th). After that, both promotion candidates fought a balanced duel, Gütersloh threw everything forward again in the last few minutes after Paderborn’s Ortmann saw Rot because of an overtight foul (87th). But the SCP II made it really good.

You couldn’t say that from the defense against TuS Erndtebrück. Against Primus 1. FC Kaan-Marienborn kept the zero for 34 minutes, then Hoffmann scored out of the crowd for the guests. In the second half it went there, on cross pass from Tsuda Kyere pushed the 2-0 (52nd). Five pointer turns later scored Scheld to 3-0 before he sent 60 Kyere on the journey in minute – 4-0. Tsuda (74th) and Mirroche (88th) did something for the goal difference, Inada scored in the 89th minute for Erndtebrück.

With a similar thundering away appearance, SV Westfalia Rhynern has improved in second place. The sports fans were first to be set away, Harrer netted for the former second division (5th). But already with the 1-1 by Probst in the 9th minute, the conditions were recadically moved again. Neumann (35th) and again Probst (38th) shot SV Westfalia for a 3-1 break tour. A Sezer double pack (62./70.) Finally rounded off the away appearance of Ryhner.