[Basic play free] Three -Tomoe PVP shooter “NINE TO FIVE” official release -new maps and new weapons

Redhill Games has released the official version of 3V3V3 tactical FPS “ Nine to Five ” for PC (Steam)/overseas Stadia (Update 1.0).

This work is a team -type tactical PVP shooter set in the future that is dominated by a company. It was officially launched after about 10 months early access started in August 2021. As a mercenary, players are divided into three teams consisting of three pairs. We will make use of various gadgets, such as collecting information by drones, grasping the surrounding situation, and disturbing the enemy by decoy (decoy), to make the victory advantageous. The game flow is performed in three phases, and one phase affects the next phase, so you need to always adapt to a new situation and win.

The updates distributed this time add new maps, extensions of level progression, introduction of achievements, new weapons, armor, and skin. In addition, new events and gameplay improvements and bug corrections are being made. Click here for details.

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Basic play free three -way PVP shooter “Nine To Five” is being distributed for PC (Steam)/overseas Stadia.