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AMD processors on Zen 4 will be 30% more powerful than processors on Zen 3

The famous Moor’s Law is Dead insider published a new video with a large number of information about the next generation of AMD Zen architecture. As part of this leak, Mlid spoke about Zen 4, Zen 4C, Zen 5 and even Zen 6.

The insider claims that the main features of Zen 4 relative to Zen 3 will be:

  • 15-24% growth IPC.
  • 8-14% increase in clock frequencies.
  • 28-37% growth of single-flow performance.
  • A similar or higher increase in performance in multi -flow.
  • Twice the larger amount of the L2 cache and the previous volumes of L3 per core (1 MB L2 and 4 MB L3).
  • Support for PCIe 5.0 and an increase in the number of processor lines.
  • DDR5/LPDR5 support with a base frequency of 5200 MHz.

The release of processors on Zen 4 is still expected in the second half of 2022, and some signs indicate the start of sales in September.

As for Zen 5, the importance of architecture itself for the company is expected to be similar to Zen 2. IPC in it will grow stronger than in Zen 4 (relative to Zen 3), and the architecture itself is full of redesign. Work frequencies either do not grow at all, or will grow slightly, but users will receive more computational flows. The latter will occur due to a package of more cores in one chiplet, and therefore the appearance of EPYC processors with 256 nuclei is expected. As for the appearance of Zen 5 on sale, you will have to wait not until 2023, but until 2024-25.

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But Zen 6 may not be. And no, the point is not the cancellation or termination of development, but in changing the name of architecture. Mlid states that AMD intends to do this in 2025.