Fallout 76

Fallout 76 presents an advance of the new Fallout 3 content

Bethesda shared his roadmap by 2022 for fallout 76 __ in February and confirmed that players would soon visit a very familiar place: The Pitt. First presented in the Fallout Universe in a complement to fallout 3 titled the same as the area itself, The Pitt is a post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh where players can press their own ammunition and acquire an arsenal of industrial weapons. The Pitt will soon be back in _ Consquences 76, _ And this week we obtained a small view of how it will be with the promise of a practical test soon through the game test servers.

The inclusion of Pitt in fallout 76 is directly linked to expeditions, a new feature that reaches the last Fallout game that will send players outside the range of the beads that players have been exploring since the launch of the game. The expeditions are structured around a new story of responders in which they have established a new central area in Whitespring Resort with the intention of helping those who live outside the Apalaches area. When working with them and completing some daily missions to load a vertibird, you can fly and go to The Pitt.

Those who remember this area of fallout 3 will already know how it is, but Bethesda does not reveal everything about fallout 76 version of The Pitt. However, some details were offered to prepare the stage of how this industrial zone is seen now.

Fallout 3 vault 101 Reference in Fallout 76

“Without spoiling too much, The Pitt is currently plagued by a power struggle between the union, a working and diverse survivors who work to rebuild the city, and the fanatics, a band of invaders who seek to expand their territory.” Bethesda said about fallout 76 version of The Pitt. «Your goal is to provide support to one of the local chapters of the Union and expel fans of‘ The Foundry ’, which the Union had been using as an operations basis.

The missions sent to The Pitt consist of three random objectives with several combined optional tasks to ensure that each visit is different. Completing these objectives will give players rewards that include experience, booty and at least one legendary object. Exclusive Pitt items are also planned, including the Auto-Axe and Union Power Armor weapon. The expedition function will also present a new resource called “stamps” that are used to exchange with Giuseppe in the WhiteSpring refuge of Responders to choose specific items that he wants from the expedition spoils.

The first mission that involves The Pitt, Union Dues, can soon be tested in the PTS of the game for those who want to try it before its live launch.