Stroke over Schlotterbeck and Ginter: Cant be right

It has been clear since Monday evening that the Freiburg vertical starter Nico Schlotterbeck will appear for BVB from summer. “We are very happy about the development as a whole, too this year. Nico is a very bright and happy person, he has done us very well because he has learned things in recent years that are very important for his game. Seriously with all looseness. Now we are happy for him that he can play Champions League next year. I wish him all the best and hope that his development will continue so positively. The course of the change was good, “said Streich on Thursday and emphasized : “It is clear that he will tear himself up, that we still have the maximum success.”

The younger Schlotterbeck brother could optimally say goodbye to the Champions League approval and as a cup winner from Breisgau. For Streich, it is nothing new to lose some of his best professionals from time to time. “You have to let her go. It is nice that someone has been added to a large club. Of course I could have imagined that he would stay there for another year, and the development would certainly not have hurt, ever After how often we play the coming season, “says the SC coach:” But there are also limits, then you have to accept it with a crying eye, it is just normal. ” The transfer of 20 plus a possible five million euros is at least financially a stately compensation.

ginter? “When I heard it for the first time, I thought that couldn’t be true”

The fact that the SC was able to sign the seasoned international Matthias Ginter as a replacement for new international Schlotterbeck as a replacement for new international Schlotterbeck. “When I heard it for the first time, I thought that couldn’t be right,” Streich recalls the beginning of communication about a possible return of his former A-youth player. “Then it went relatively quickly and I thought, yes, there are also a few arguments for this club. It is great, he absolutely wanted it to be convinced – otherwise we would have said: No.”

What are the Signs of Stroke?
In a conversation with Ginter, whom prank as “tired” perceived in the past few months, Streich addressed his vacation times. “You can then see that he has made insane in the past ten years how little recovery phases have such a young person who plays in the European Cup, championship, DFB Cup and in the national team,” Streich warns the increasing stress: “Now now If it is like this again: After the championship, four caps come in eleven days. There are always new appointments. Some players have never had longer than twelve days at a time on vacation, otherwise play through, 60, 70 competitive games per season – this is The complete madness. I think the development is wrong, that’s my personal opinion. “

Streich: Ginter no one-to-one replacement for Schlotterbeck

With Ginter, stroke is particularly important, because: “I know it, this energy, this power, the insane ambition, its high level of discipline and the high level of football skills. He has a very good opening in duel and strong header. ” You have to look together now that “Matthias gets freshness, energy and power again, both mentally and physically, that he comes back to the extremely high level”, on which he played for many years, explains Streich: “Then it is one Great thing. We are delighted that he is there. He is a Freiburg boy and comes from the football school. “

Streich does not want to speak of a one-to-one replacement for Schlotterbeck: “These are other players. Nico is a left-footer, that has been a great advantage, for us and for him. Matze can play football very well with his left foot, but he is a right -footed, has a very good right foot. When Keven Schlotterbeck played in the middle, sometimes two leftists in the triple chain, formerly also Dominique Heintz, that was an advantage, “said Streich, the in the future in A chain of four is likely to be most likely to build on the two right -wing feet Ginter and Philipp Lienhart.