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Lego and PlayStation Horizon Forbidden West Set is now available

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LEGO Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck Set - Let's Build It!
Earlier this year, Lego and PlayStation officially announced that the video game _ prohibited west_ would receive a Lego game. More specifically, the Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Set of 1222 pieces includes the robotic creature of the same name, as well as an Aoy Minifigure and a Watcher machine with interchangeable eyes. It was launched on May 1 and can be requested here on Amazon for $ 79.99 at the time of writing. It is selling quickly, so reserve one while you can. It is currently exhausted here in the Legopero store a replacement is expected in the near future.

See the LEGO HORIZON FORBIDDEN set ($ 79.99)

“As part of the Lego Sets for adults, the Horizon Forbidden West Lego Tallneck uses intelligent construction techniques to capture the authentic details of the machine and measures more than 34 centimeters (13.5 inches) high,” said the official blog of PlayStation announcing the states of the set. «You can exhibit the Tallneck on a support with details of the Horizon landscape, such as a birch and a rusty traffic light. A LEGO ALOY minifigure is also included with his arch and spear, and even a guard with blue, yellow or red eyes. »

“Team with guerrillas was really remarkable,” said Isaac Snyder, LEGO Group designer, as part of the announcement. «The guerrillas team is incredibly passionate about the world of Horizon Forbidden West and was of great help to ensure that we could create an authentic representation in the form of a lego. Thanks to our close collaboration we could include references to all the most iconic aspects. by Horizon Forbidden West, from incredible machines, mysterious ruins, unique tribes and dazzling landscapes. There are a lot of mutual respect between the design teams and all those involved were more than excited to see this model come alive. We hope that everyone building this model is as fun as designing it ».

As for the video game itself, _ prohibited west_chorizonte_ launched in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18. Despite initially announcing that the PS4 update to PS5 would require a payment, PlayStation finally reversed that decision and, on the other hand, will be a free update route. You can consult all our previous coverage of the next sequel to the video game here.

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