3 million won for colleagues Cook Apps Talent Recruitment Compensation Festival Recouring Run starts

[Source: Cook Apps]

\ -Payment of up to 3 million won when confirming the recruitment of the recommendation number

\ -Provide various rewards when recommending talent to 37 open positions in all jobs

\ -Reconuses of 50 million won regardless of job group. The average annual salary is 70 million won, and large -scale recruitment progress

Cook Apps, a global casual game developer, announced today (2) that it will start the talent recommendation compensation agent ‘Recourding Run’ to secure the competitiveness of recruitment of excellent talent.

In January, Cook Apps launched a large -scale recruitment through the recruitment campaign ‘The 100’, which supports an interview fee of 1 million won. In addition, if the person who recommends the person who is recommended in the company, the company plans to establish the foundation for securing talent competitiveness through the recording run of the in -house talent recommendation compensation system that provides up to 3 million won to the recommender.

Cook Apps Na Ji -young said, “Most of Cook Apps members are composed of experienced people. If there are excellent talents that meet the vision of Cook Apps among the former colleagues and industry officials, and have excellent talents that meet the Cook Apps corporate culture, we have been actively recommending in -house and planning a recruiting run to gain talent competitiveness. ”

“Cook Apps has hit , Sunny House, and Dungeon today, and is aiming to develop triple A games. In February, the neglected RPG ranked No. 1 in the domestic and foreign Apple App Store and Google Play Store popular game rankings. In the second half of 2022, the company is planning to launch various new works, and we are hiring 37 jobs.

Cook Apps is famous for offering high levels of rewards, including the release of the industry’s first salary table. It has the best welfare in the industry, including 35 hours a week, 2 hours of lunch time, 50 million won for starting, 65 million won for average salary, offering semi -annual incentives, and support for graduate school fees.

Kim Young -min, general manager, said, “With great welfare, Cook Apps is also unique in the game development culture. All judgments that need game production to quickly grasp the market flow and provide the game they want in a timely manner are autonomously lowered in the development studio. Cook Apps Game Jam, an in -house game development event, also has an attractive development culture for game developers with planning and execution because it is an opportunity to create a unique game and verify marketability. ”

Meanwhile, Cook Apps announced sales in April and 2022 in the first quarter. The company has achieved sales of KRW 23.5 billion in the first quarter, and sales of more than 80% of the previous year’s sales.

In the second half of the year, we are planning to launch various new games such as emotional neglected RPG and new puzzle games . More information about Cook Apps hiring can be found on the official Cook Apps website.