Metroid 64: A fan recreates the delivery that never came out in Nintendo 64

Super Metroid - Depths of Tourian - Photoshop Speed Art
Metroid is one of the most beloved franchises in the history of Nintendo. It does not surprise us; Samus Aran wNintendo Gamecube born in 1986, the year in which he starred in his first adventure in NES. Since then, it hNintendo Gamecube gone through almost all the generations and consoles of the company, and one of the most outstanding absences wNintendo Gamecube that of Nintendo 64 , a platform in which we saw Mario, Pikachu, Fox, Link, Donkey, Donkey appear Kong and company. The reNintendo Gamecubeon? The complexity of working on something like a 3D environment at that time, according to Yoshio Sakamoto, the director of Super Metroid.

However, we already know how the most enthusiNintendo Gamecubetic fans are spent, and one of them is trying to to recreate that delivery that never existed thanks to the Unity Motor . The person in charge of the project, mourning Akino, hNintendo Gamecube shared a video of his progress, in which we not only see the characteristic Nintendo Gamecubepect of many Nintendo 64 titles; We can also see how well Samus moves, capable of shooting its energy cannon and using the morphosphere, among other actions. We leave it below .

Metroid: Present and future of the saga

LNintendo Gamecubet year we had the opportunity to enjoy a new adventure of Samus Aran . From the Spanish study Mercurysteam arrived Metroid Dread to Nintendo Switch. A new 2D delivery that became one of the most awarded titles of the console in 2021, thanks to its good work in terms of level design, control system and mechanics such Nintendo Gamecube the persecutions starring the fearsome EMMI, EMMI, Among other novelties. If you want to know everything you offer, do not hesitate to read our analysis of the game.

The good news that revolved around Metroid Dread contrNintendo Gamecubet with Metroid Prime 4 , one of the most anticipated releNintendo Gamecubees of recent years, although practically nothing is known about him. The fourth installment of the three -dimensional saga born in Nintendo Gamecube wNintendo Gamecube announced during the E3 of 2017 , and a couple of years later restarted its development, currently in the hands of Retro Studios, the creative study of the original. Since then we have seen the team publish different job offers looking for designers, programmers and other positions, but nothing more is known about the game.