How to install personalized skins in War Thunder

How to Install Custom Skins On War Thunder - Simple Tutorial
War Thunder offers a choice of more than 1,700 vehicles. With all these different choices, you will want to stand out on the battlefield, not only with your skills, but also with your skins. The best way to do it is to install a personalized skin.

Download a personalized skin

  • Head for live.warthunder.com and click on the Camouflages tab
  • Type the vehicle you want to personalize in the search bar
  • Download the file (you may need to decompress if it is a.zip file)

Install a personalized skin

  • In the game, click on the customization options of the chosen vehicle
  • Click on the baguette tool entitled “Create Skin User Example files in the game folder”
  • Access your War Thunder file: Local disc (C:)> Program Files (X86)> Steam> Steamapps> Common> War Thunder
  • Once in the War Thunder folder, go to the User Skins folder and find the vehicle model you want to redraw
  • Copy and glue all the Skin files in the folder that you have downloaded and make sure to click on “Replace the files in the destination”
  • In the “User Dressing” drop -down menu, change the deactivated skin to new skin model

Now, when you click on the model in the game, you will see your personalized skin! Keep in mind that this method is available for all types of vehicles and that you can add as many skins as you want.