For Honor: Patch 2.35 liefert diverse Bug

The medieval multi-player skirmish for Honor has already been in the sixth year since its publication, but its life cycle does not yet seem to end. Ubisoft has provided the new Patch 2.35, which has a variety of improvements and balancing for the players.

At live service multiplayer titles, the player base is constantly expecting something new or repairs of the old. Ubisoft takes this to heart, at least with some of her games, and continues support for Honor.

After the opening of the Year 6 Season 1 in March this year there is now an extensive service package for for Honor. The update 2.35 for for Honor brings improvements from heroes, the user interface and animations, even some audiobugs are probably fixed.

Update 2.35 Patch Notes

_Ver improves: _


Defense breakthrough now takes less space on the screen.


  • Fighter:


[Bugfix] jerking in the sprint animation of Nobushi, when changing the stand to line Moves was fixed.
[Bugfix] Fixed errors in which Nobushi in the Hidden stance instead of the zone attack does a slight or severe attack.


[Bugfix] Fixed errors in which the shaman attacks a defense breakthrough instead of the Bite Pounce on the last bleed.


[Bugfix] Fixed errors in which the Zanhu incorrectly causes damage to damage instead of a hit reaction.


[Bugfix] Fixed errors in which Kyoshin’s Fujin Force no longer run straight ahead if you make Fujin Force and a direction at the same time.


[Bugfix] fixed to issue that Caused the pirate Left hand to flicker and twist when going in Left Guard from side to side while lover onto an opponent

  • MAP:

[Bugfix] Fixed errors where you saw the back of the map when you look out of the window on Qing Pass.

For Honor Update Patch 2.35 is here - Fixes you Need to Hear About
* User interface:

[Bugfix] Fixed errors, in which the fame values, in the fight for a zone, are displayed incorrectly.

  • Audio:

[Bugfix] Fixed mistakes of the music of Year 6 Season 1.

[Bugfix] Fixed errors in which Bleed or Fire’s sound effect is still running during and after the respawn.

[Bugfix] Fixed errors, in which the sound effect “Through the Head” by Kyoshin is sometimes played several times.

  • Adjustment:

[Bugfix] Fixed errors that triggered extra controller vibration during the execution “Flying Sword”.

[Bugfix] Fixed errors that has shown the Hitokiri helmet frowning.

[Bugfix] Fixed errors in which the berserker does not have the large revival stattoo from the Year 1 Heroes Bundle.

[Bugfix] Fixed errors in which the helmet “Erzbet’s Valor” for Black Prior has no air holes in body type 2.