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What does the emblem of broken barriers in Destiny 2 look like?

The flair makes the world rotate, and this is especially true in the world of Destiny 2. Emblems are the same part of the personality of the guard as the weapon that they use, or the armor that they wear. Of course, this can change over time, but this is what he says to you.

One of the last emblems that replenished the list is the emblem of Broken Barriers. This is a symbol of the community united in a cheerful conversation.

How to get an emblem of broken barriers

Only those who voted at the festival of the deceased 2022 “Mahi against monsters” can receive the Broken Barriers emblem. The email for the competition was sent from April 7, 2022 to April 13, 2022.

Broken Barriers Emblem Was SECRETLY Added to Destiny 2! GET IT NOW

Unfortunately, anyone who did not vote in the competition will not be able to get an emblem. Those who had the opportunity to vote, the emblem should have been applied to their account automatically. It can be redeemed on the collections page in their inventory.

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