Ubisoft makes you up next shooter

Ubisoft has officially confirmed the work on its latest shooter, Project Q, and at the same time the registration for Tester opens. You can already register now to gamble the game in coming test phases.

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After the game has already been lacted by insiders, Ubisoft has now officially announced his upcoming shooter: the game is currently under the Codename Project Q and seems like Overver to offer a team battle gameplay in cartoon optics. In addition, the Publisher has already opened the registration for the upcoming test phases.

Project Q: Free registration for budding testers

Ubisoft has confirmed the rumors and Leaks around Project Q at the weekend with a Tweet. The new shooter is currently in the early development phase. To improve the game and finally prepare for the release, the team Battle Arena Shooter must of course be extensively tested – if you have interest to it, you can now register for free. The link can be found in the tweet below.

Ubisoft: Does a new shooter succeed?

The information about Project Q rar is still sown. However, Ubisoft has already announced at least in subsequent tweets that the shooter should not be a Battle Royale. Instead should have multiple PVP modes , in which “fun” is in the foreground. What this should mean exactly, the publisher so far is still open.

By contrast, Ubisoft became more likely to adding NFTs in Project Q. It was not planned to integrate the unpopular blockchain feature into the shooter . Whether Project Q can prevail in the competitive multiplayer landscape, but will still have to show itself. With Hyper Scape Ubisoft had recently recently had a sensitive defeat in the field – the servers for the failed PVE & PVP battery royale will be switched off on April 28, 2022.

_Whas are actually NFTs? We explain it to you here in our video: _

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