Hyper Scape Valkun and driver error explained

A current error that arrives at a handful of Hyper scape players when they try to launch the game for the first time meet a pilot error, with an error code called Valkun. This prevents them from accessing or starting the game from their Uplay launcher. The error occurred with a handful of smaller streamers and the players who received DROP Twitch codes to play in Hyper Scape Technical Test.

The error generally occurs after trying to enter the Twitch deposit code, and the players try to launch the game after launching it from Uplay. Error is not a generalized problem, but many potential players have encountered it. Given the problem, a handful of Reddit visualizers have suggested that those who encounter the problem are trying to update the available graphic or computer pilots. After upgrading your drivers, try to restart your computer and restart Hyper Scape once you have saved everything. You will want to make sure that no background application occurs at the same time.

Hyper Scape VULKAN & Driver Not Support Error Fix Guide! | Hyper Scape Error Fix
For example, if you have GeForce Launcher for Nvidia, update your driver and you should be able to play Hyper scape. The place where you must go to update your graphics drivers varies depending on your graphics card, like those who use an AMD.