Robert Lewandowski leaves future at FC Bayern: It is not easy for me

Does he stay or leave Bayern after seven years? Robert Lewandowski could not or did not want to answer this question even after the victory against BVB and another championship with the Munich.

Whether Robert Lewandowski will continue his career at Bayern is still open. The Polish superstar admitted this on Saturday after his team’s 3-1 win against BVB at the “Sky” microphone.

Probably something will happen soon, the world football player (contract until 2023) revealed that the club has still not approached it. He read a lot about his future in the media, said Lewandowski, “but I haven’t heard of the club yet”. He only knew that a meeting with FC Bayern would soon come.

The superstar did not even try to hide the fact that he is not happy with the behavior of those responsible for Munich. “It’s not so easy for me,” admitted Lewandowski that the current situation is concerned.

Nagelsmann emphasizes the importance of Lewandowski for FC Bayern

The same applies to coach Julian Nagelsmann. The trainer explicitly highlighted the value of Lewandowskis for the team and the club on Saturday. “You don’t have to lose many words about him. It is self -controlled when you see the statistics what meaning he is for Bayern Munich,” said Nagelsmann about his goal scorer.

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Similar to Nagelsmann, record national player Lothar Matthäus recently commented on the future of Poland, who is associated with a move to FC Barcelona. Unlike the trainer, the TV expert criticized the club in a direct way.

“I would have extended Lewandowski’s contract much earlier. Lewandowski has become world footballer twice, and if you have the chance to bind such a player with you, then you should do everything for it,” said Matthew the “dpa”.