How No Mans Sky has changed over the past 2 years

No Man’s Sky can rightly be called the most ambiguous game, since at the start it came out quite raw, causing a storm of indignation, but for 6 years it gradually improves, sometimes causing extremely positive emotions. Since the last time I personally launched the game in September 2022, in this article we will see how it changed in almost 2 years, having examined the features of the last 7 updates.

Let’s start with a number, so to speak, smaller, but no less significant changes:

  • Updates “Next Generation” and “Prisms” significantly improved the visual component of the game, adding new options and introducing various advanced technologies. As a result, the reflection, the night sky, the details of the planets, the effects of weather conditions, the lighting, the settings and so on, have improved.
  • Almost all 7 updates include improving the visual component of various aspects of the gameplay. For example, an improvement in the effects of space weapons and a ground multi -tint.
  • Added more variations of structures for the construction mode, so to speak, players can show their creativity at 100%.
  • Added support for NVIDIA DLLS and AMD Fidelityfx Super Resolution 1.0 technologies.
  • Added a full cross -fuss between all consoles and PC.
  • I improved various interfaces, it is especially worth noting how they finally redone the construction menu, turning it into a separate interface.
  • A lot of different fixes, very small improvements.


Added a very simple opportunity to the game – to tame various creatures, after which they become the “faithful” companions of the protagonist. From a game point of view, they can: warn about a dangerous environment, protect against a dangerous creature, periodically bring resources and finally ride on their back, acting as a more or less standard mount. Moreover, in my subjective opinion, it is the last function that is the most useful, while all the rest are extremely controversial.

You can tame creatures right from the start: you need to collect a little carbon, then create an item called “Creature Pellets” from them, find a suitable creature, approach it and press the interaction or throw the item through a special section of the quick menu (the last option is great for predators). After the creature enjoys the delicious, the interaction button allows you to call the menu with items to tame, collect a special resource or egg, and saddle.

When choosing a item, taming the creature is automatically added to the personal collection of the same name, it has 24 slots in total, but only 2 are initially available, and the rest will have to be opened for the pikes. After the creature becomes a companion, you can put on various auxiliary objects on it, saddle, stroke and conquer. The last two points gradually increase the level of trust, he, as I understand it, is responsible for the degree of attachment and willingness to fulfill commands.

And finally, the cherry on the cake of this feature is the ability to collect eggs of wild, tamed creatures and grow cubs from them, having previously played with their genetics. An anomaly is a special station that allows you to influence growth / weight, anatomy, color, the nature of the cub by adding various resources. Moreover, since the cubs adopt the genetics of their parents, with a special desire, playing with the genetics of several generations, you can create a truly giant monster.


If you put it extremely simply, “expeditions” are peculiar seasons in which players will have to complete a number of special tasks, receiving extremely interesting awards for this. Expeditions are available over a certain period of time, and for example, 4 weeks remained before the current end to take part in it, it is necessary to create a new preservation and choose a special game of the same name.

At least at the time of writing this article, they consist of 5 stages and each contains 5-7 tasks. At the end of the tasks, the player receives basic awards, and at the end of the stages – unique. The latter differ from the first in that they can be obtained on any preservation by visiting a special NPC in anomaly, below you will find a list of similar most interesting expeditions (seasons):

  • Season 1 – Profile background, Title, Skin Jetpak, Skin Skin, Skip s grade “Golden Vector” and decoration for the base.
  • Season 2 – Profile background, 2 titles, ship for fleet “SSV NORMANDY SR1” (the same Normandy from Mass Effect) and decoration for the base.
  • 3 season – profile background, 2 titles, special jetpack engines, egg with a unique being (companion), set of buildings and jewelry for the base.
  • Season 4 – background for profile, 2 titles, special effect of jetpack engines, skin hat, egg with a unique being (companion), jewelry for the base.
  • Season 5 – background for profile, 2 titles, special effect of jetpack engines, skin jetpak, skin hat, egg with a unique being (companion), auxiliary items for a companion, jewelry for the base.
  • Season 6 – profile background, title, cloak, special effect of ship engines, jewelry for the base.


Added to the game the opportunity to acquire a personal settlement, followed by to take care, improving, building buildings, to protect against invasions (robots), to participate in the life of the population, taking truly important decisions. In general, it is a pretty simple activity to which you will return from time to time to solve new “problems” or launch the process of building a new structure.

Get out of your settlement quite simply, because you do not need to pass quests or build something, they just need to find them. The easiest way is to buy a map with a random settlement at the map, if you wish, you can even try to catch the option on the planet with a favorable atmosphere (although the process can delay a few dozen minutes). Once in the settlement, it is necessary to help its residents, after which they will “agree” to make you the manager and the main fun will begin.

The main meaning of all activity is to gradually improve the settlement, getting rid of its negative factors and external debt, after that it will begin to produce two types of resources suitable for various purposes. Of the minuses, from what I managed to see, it is worth mentioning only the huge real-time timers, for example, a dozen minutes or hours can be traveled to the construction of one of the buildings.


In this update, the developers decided to improve the ground component of the game by adding the following things:

  • Added clock towers – these are well protected structures allowing you to get a new multitool, different equipment and even temporarily turn off all the time on the planet. It is possible to find them quite by chance or guaranteed after the victory on a large robot 5 waves of the watch alarm.
  • Rows of the sentries have replenished with new variants – heavy martial drones, repairmen, two-legged variations of the player’s exoskels and drones who call for themselves to help the allies. In addition, ordinary drones have learned to put energy shields.
  • Added an AI improvement module for an exoskeleton, allowing it to turn it into a full-fledged robot. True in this mode he constantly follows the player and it is impossible, say, send patrolling \ guard the area. However, at the same time, he still acts as a good combat unit, which I personally use to protect the settlement.
  • From the sentries, containers containing a different random lie fall out. For example, unique costume gain modules or multitula.
  • Added new auxiliary improvements for multitula.
  • Added a special chain of quests. In the course of its implementation, you will receive a set of drawings to strengthen the exoskeleton and give it an alternative appearance, as well as your personal flying drone.


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The most freshest update that has added a lot of interesting things to the game. Let’s start with the most simple:

  • Mode of combat autopilot – in space it is automatically guided by the enemy and the player remains only to press the attack button. In my case, for some reason, it is activated by holding the S. button
  • Cloaks and hoods – cosmetic items that replace the helmet and backpack. Unfortunately, the hood is not suitable for some races.
  • Pirate systems – unlike ordinary, in them there are stations of the Black Market, where you can buy illegal goods and suspicious improvements for multitula \ backpack.
  • Smuggling goods – illegal goods that can be sold at a price almost 2 times more, of course, if the local law enforcement is not scanned during the transportation process.
  • Solar ships – a new type of ships with sunny sails. Outwardly, they reminded me of racing barges from star wars. Apparently, this type of ships appears only in pirated locations.
  • 2 new connected short quests – they introduce a player with pirate systems, the NPC in pirate stations, and for the second quest issued the above-mentioned hood. To get the first quest in any conventional systems activate the pulse and fly ahead until the disaster signal appears (coming out of the impulance you should see the solar ship in front of you).

Socadron – Finally, it was possible to create a small detachment of ships that will help you in battle. To access the system on the frigate, you open the Fleet Control menu, select the item of the same name and you will unlock at least 1 cell for the beaches. Next, we go to the space station or the exchange point, wait until the ship will appear and speak with the NPC, which will come out of it. In the menu that appears, you will see the item “Record”, which opens up detailed information with various combat characteristics, if they are satisfied, click “Record”.

To call for the recruited pilots at the Quick Access Point “Call”, choose the same option, after which the allies ships will appear with a small delay around you. On the basis of small tests, I can say one thing, the squadron does not cause a very big damage, but just distracts attention perfectly by giving you the opportunity to calmly apply damage.