Where to find squatting specs in Genshin Impact and how to get rid of them

Socked nodules have the kind of dark spots on the ground or wall. They can often be found next to the dark mud, black liquids, which are supported by squinting and suck energy from the lumenstone adjuvant.

Where to find squatting specs

Socked Spacese – these are unique elements that thrive in underground shaft of the abyss . They can be found everywhere, starting from the moment you enter the womb. However, you will find that the majority of these specifies are concentrated around Unnamed Ruins, getting into the area at the bottom of the card.

How to get rid of conquering

There are two types of specterals that support dark dirt on Earth, classified between the first and second levels. Successful specifications of the first level round and shorter While the higher level version is a bit above and sharper . On the other hand, the species stuck on the walls of the cave of the underground mine, as a whole look equally, but differ in terms of the level.

The collaboration of the first and second level can be dispelled using the Lumenstone adjuvant. But you must first improve the gadget to the following levels:

  • Socked Specifications of the first level : dispel with the help of Lumenstone adjuvant second level or higher
  • Second Level Socked Script : Dismiss with the help of Lumenstone Adjuvant sixth level or above

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Just use a gadget next to squatting to get rid of them.

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