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Published, Trouble Shooter, DNF Dual Initial Character 16

Dungeon & Fighter Daejeon Fighting game, ‘DNF Dual’, the early 16 characters and 8 stage lists were released.

Reacting To The New Characters Coming To DNF Duel | Ghostblade, Mechanic, & Troubleshooter

In the last 17 days, the initial character introduced through the PSN Store explanation is the second test version of the Second Test Version (Berpor, Hitman, Dragon Night, Vanguard, Kunoichi, Crusher This is a lineup that has been added to five people in the verification. The newly added character includes a female launcher, troubleshooter, Enchantris, Swift Master, and Hidden character that can be grown by achieving the Condition.

The 8 stages were also released. Sky, Moonlight Pay, Henddon Meyer, Gelba, Marine Train, Stone, Ghent, Time. The stage list is as disclosed in previous tests.

DNF Dual is a popular online action game Dungeon & Fighter IP. Arc SystemWorks, who developed a famous fighting game such as Neop and Gili Gear, developed the original, and the Arc SystemWorks, who developed a famous fighting game, is attracting attention to the new work.

DNF dual is released on June 28 with PC (Steam), PS4, PS5.