The developer of Pokemon Go announces the new game peridot

The creators of pokémon IR have announced a new game of augmented reality that is about raising unique creatures in their class. Today early, Niantic announced _peridoto, _ a new AR game of the real world that focuses on raising magic creatures called peridots. The initial advance teaser, which shows several different types of large eye peridotos, can be found below:

He peridoto experience seems to be built from pokémon Go Mechanics of friends, in which a player cares about a single Pokémon through on-screen interactions and taking him to walk. Players in peridoto will have the task of playing and feeding their peridot, while leading him to walk and allows him to explore his surroundings. Interestingly, the community component of peridoto will involve crossing your peridot with those of other players, which will allow you to discover additional archetypes of peridot and further diversify the species of Peridot. While each peridot is considered unique in its kind, it seems that these archetypes will look like different mythical and real world creatures. Several screenshots that are shown in _ peridoto_ The website seems to insinuate that the players will focus on a creature at a time instead of gathering a large group of creatures as in pokémon I.

Peridoto seems to be the next evolution in the AR experience of Niantic. While the first Niantic ingreso games focused mainly on controlling collaborative maps with interesting locations, the most recent games have taken advantage of the camera functions of mobile devices. While pokémon IR has some AR functionality using camera phones, this new game seems to boost that even more. Niantic also develops a Pikmin mobile game called _flor from Pikmin, _ that focuses mainly on raising Pikmin and sending them to explore their surroundings. Niantic is also developing a mobile Game of Transformers, as well as several other projects with Nintendo.

Peridot | Official Announcement Teaser
Peridoto will have a “soft launch test” in select markets soon. You can subscribe to an informative bulletin on the Niantic website to be aware of the details about your new game. o Visit the Peridot website for more details.