It is informed that the new acquisition of PlayStation Studio is massive

The new rumored acquisition of PlayStation is seemingly large. Among reliable sources such as Jeff Grubb and Greg Miller, we have been listening to Sony a few weeks ready to announce a new acquisition. This week, speculation turned to Kojima Productions for reasons that are not here or there after Hideo Kojima himself confirmed that Kojima Productions is independent and remains independent. According to the aforementioned Grubb, the acquisition is “larger” than Kojima Productions, which is a tasty advancement for PlayStation fanatics, since this probably indicates that it is an editor, since there are not many larger and more remarkable independent developers that Kojima Productions.

Sonys Big Acquisition is Bigger than Kojima Productions, Kojima Productions Update, and KH4 Update

“If you have heard the rumors about a great acquisition of Sony, it was never Kojima Productions, unless I know,” Grubb said. “The people who listened to these things, including me, was never a name that was launched. It was bigger than Kojima Productions.

It is worth noting that Grubb has been wrong in the past, but has proven to be more reliable than unreliable. In addition, he is not the only one who touches this drum. Usually, where there is so much smoke, there is fire.

So, who is on the menu? Well, it does not seem to be a developer, since there is not really a single available study that is “bigger” than Kojima Productions. Remedy Entertainment is linked to a million different contacts. FromSoftware has a parent company that probably is not interested in selling. With these two apparently off the board, there are not many options left.

This mockery implies that it is an editor. If so, Ubisoft seems like a probable candidate given its recent struggles and the growing emphasis of PlayStation in Europe. Square Enix, Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco and Konami are difficult due to Japanese law. It is likely that Take-Two Interactive and EA are outside the Sony price range, so it does not leave much beyond Ubisoft. The only other option that seems realistic is CD Projekt Red, the creators of The Brujo and Ciberpunk 2077.

For now, take everything here, the report and speculation that has created, with tweezers. Until now, nothing has emerged from these rumors of PlayStation, and the longer it remains true, more doubtful assertions will seem. In general, acquisitions are not filtered, so the fact that this has done it means that something is wrong or is the exception. None plays in favor of the odds.