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Horizon forbidden West reinvites to the trip to PS4 Pro in video, the sister of PS5 in a belly

The Suite of Horizon Zero Dawn has come out almost two months ago, Sony and PlayStation continue to promote itself to constantly recruiting new explorers ready to take part in Alox. Since February 18, we have seen the game shine with a thousand lights on PS5 but his big sister, the PS4 Pro, is not left out as it proves this new gameplay trailer of the excellent game made by Guerilla Games!


Horizon Forbidden West | PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Horizon Forbidden West shines with a thousand lights on PS5, but not that!

In almost two months of updates, Horizon Forbidden West has stopped embellishing. Not that the game of Guerrilla Games returned from afar but, on the contrary, because the developers have already brought some retouch to perfect what is one of the best open-world of the latter years. In the shadows, the teams of Guerrilla Games get closer to a resplendent rendering, and it falls well because one of the previous updates allows you to immortalize all that! **

While the players PS5 rank in front of the beauty and efficiency of this very awaited suite, thinking tagging the players with their breast console, Sony and Playstation came to show that the version PS4 PRO n is not just a batch of consolation for those who fail to subtil a Next-Gen console in different merchants and online shops. For almost a minute and thirty seconds, Aloy takes us into his dangerous exploration of the western prohibited thanks to UNPS4 Pro who did not say his last word!

A PS4 Pro version still also bluffing

Due to the shortage of components and difficulties on supply chains, Sony had taken last January the decision to increase its production of PS4 and PS4 PRO for counterbalance the lack of stocks of PS5 . In the interest of this strategy, Nippone continues to promote some of its exclusives and, currently, Horizon Forbidden West is the perfect candidate to boast the beautiful qualities of the PS4 Pro and the performances it is able to reach . You hesitate on buying a PS4 Pro or buying it on your current console? PlayStation has prepared you the best answers!

In this mixture of gameplay and sequences extracted from the game engine, Horizon Forbidden West tries to show itself under its most beautiful day on the old Sony console. The bet is successful since the images are sublime, both on the side of the environments and details of the character of Aloy. About the fluidity, it is also served when we observe the movements of the machines and the Dante fights, which our heroin must exit victorious. There is no doubt, Guerrilla Games did not take his job on this versionps4 over the leg!


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