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Horizon Forbidden West: Have you noticed Aloys scar? Therefore, the injury of the heroine comes from

Video game characters usually make a lot in their career. They are shoted out slopes and advised against each corner with an enemy or monster. Aloy is not different. But while most avatars still look fresh and intact even in the fifth sequel, the heroine from Horizon Forbidden West is drawn from her past adventures.

ATTENTION, Follow small spoilers for Prologue Horizon Zero Dawn!

The events from Zero Dawn have shaped Aloy

Fans have discovered a detail of Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, which probably escaped most of you. At the neck of our heroine a long scar praises. While this is quite noticeable, but at Zock we usually see Aloy from the back, and over her neck are often an armor or her flowing hair.

The comments under the RedDit post show the enthusiasm in the community about such details. “I want to kiss the DEVs for the beautiful game,” writes Yummybunny52.

Here you see the healed wound:

Where does the injury come from? The scar would be pure cosmetics if they had no prehistory. In fact, you know the origin when you played Horizon Zero Dawn.

Relatively early in the game, Aloy participates in the ritual of so-called testing. But the group of young people is regulated by the fanatics of the EKLIPSE. At the end, it almost also caught Aloy, as a helis, leader of the Eclipse, her neck on her neck and drops it into the abyss. But the heroine survives and now bears the scar.

There are other scars: The details do not listen here. A comment indicates that Aloy has a healed wound over her eyebrow. This stirred from a stone, which a young Nora has thrown in her childhood after her. Presumably, more such wonderful elements hide in Horizon Forbidden West.

How nice forbidden West looks, very much in the test video:

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We do not get the most details in games

It is partly incredible how many details find their way into our games. The masters of this discipline are probably Naughty Dog: again and again videos with new discoveries from the Last of US 2.

It is best to be such hidden Easter Eggs if you tell a story like Aloy’s Narbe. Thanks to better technology, faces are slowly terrifying real. Only we usually do not get much during the action from the details.

Does you know Aloy’s scar from Horizon Forbidden West?