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Horizon Forbidden West: Mist, we forgot all aloys birthday

“Hey, did you know that Aloy had birthday yesterday?”. With these words, colleague Hannes greeted the editors this morning and thus provided for all other Heys for surprised facial expressions. Damned! Also I completely forgot the birthday of the heroine from Horizon Forbidden West. But it’s not that bad, because I actually have 999 years time until I have to congratulate her for the first time.

Aloy’s date of birth and your age

But have fun aside: The Lore of Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West is worked out so detailed that the Writer of Guerrilla even wrote down the exact birthday of Aloy. We find the solemn date in the official Wiki to the game.

When does ALOY have a birthday? Am 4. April in 3021 , the hunter in the Horizon Universe sees the light of the world. So she celebrated her birthday yesterday in 999 years.

How old aloy is in the games? Good question, your concrete age in Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West we do not know. But there are enough clues to give a fairly accurate estimate (via Screenrant).

  • Aloy’s age is therefore in Horizon Zero Dawn: between 18 and 19
  • And in Forbidden West: between 19 and 20

Incidentally, you can see the Launch Trailer of Forbidden West again here:

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To explain: The Prologue of Horizon Zero Dawn begins at Aloy’s birth in the year 3021. Its first focus (so the smart scanner on your ear) is at the age of six years. During the prologue, the story makes a time jump of twelve years, which means that Aloy must be 18 years old when the main history of Zero Dawn begins.

It is unclear about which time the events of the first series part extend. As Screenrant writes, some fans speculate that the story of the game attracts over a year. Aloy is therefore likely to be about 19 years old to the end of Zero Dawn’s history.

The history of Horizon Forbidden West is known to be a half a year after the end of Zero Dawn. Aloy could be between 19 and 20 years old in the sequel.

Does your aloy had birthday on the screen? Be honest! And betrays us as well as you would give her. Maybe yes an issue of Hey, because it would not be surprising when Aloy would like video games.