Nine months later, China validates the exit of 45 new video games on its territory

Chinese publishers can blow until further notice: Local authorities today approved the distribution of 45 new video games on the territory (39 mobile games, 5 PC games and 1 Switch game). But as in 2018, the gel of new games in China will therefore be out of less than nine months, or 263 days more exactly.

As Reuters reported, 45 Chinese games got the green light to make their debut on online platforms on Monday, with great publishers’ relief like Gamera Games, XD Network and Yoozoo Games. By ceasing to approve the slightest release on the territory since last July, the Chinese government has obviously not returned to its local giants like Tencent Games and NetEase Games. These companies have increasingly interest in investing outside China to grow and less depend on the whistling of a government that, in addition to locking the market for months, imposes very important limits of juvenile play time, while hardening the rules to respect by the creators in terms of sexuality, history and religion in their works.

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Thus, in the face of what is probably becoming the most binding video game market in the world, Tencent Games continues to multiply investment (Tequila Works, Remedy) and acquisitions (Turtle Rock Studios, Sumo Digital) in the rest of the world, While NetEase Games has recruited Japanese video game names like Goichi Suda (No More Heroes) and Toshihiri Nagoshi (Yakuza), the rumor also speaking of an offer for the French Studio Quantic Dream. In 2021, Tencent Games and Netease Games achieved a respective turnover of 25 billion euros and 12 billion euros. Tencent Games, which benefits from international success such as League of Legends, Pubg Mobile, Pokémon Unite, Improacing and Clash Royal, focused on the growth of recorded revenues outside China (26% of the total).