Crossfire, National Port CFS Arena Asian Cup

On the 11th, Smile Gate Entertainment, said, “CFS Funspark Arena Asian Cup (CFS Funspark Arena Asian Cup) is held for the Activation of Crossfire League and Country against the Asian region.

‘CFS Funs Park Arena Asian Cup 2022′ will be held for 10 days from the 21st to 30, and the 8 teams of three countries, including China 4 teams, Vietnam 2 teams, and the 2nd team of Philippe team. The prizes of this tournament that China’s e-sports enterprise festival is hosted and the smart gaming of the Smile Gate and Tencent gaming is the official support of 100,000 RMB (about W19 million). According to Smile Gate Entertainment, this season is held in pilot format, and it is a plan to settle to the Asian National Invite Tournament in the last year, which was successful in the box office, and will be shared by two seasons.

CFS Funspark Arena Asian Cup [Pacific Macta]

In this league, the Top 4 team of Crossfire Pro League (CFPL) (CROSSFire Pro League), Bai Sha Gaming, Rec.lgd, Estar, by Estar. Olsumus and Bai Shaming are a team with winning the “CFS 2021 Grand Final” and the team. In the Philippines, 2 teams, including EXECRATION and Pacific Macta, and in Vietnam, in Vietnam, the top two teams will participate in the competition.

This’ CFS Funs Park Arena Cup Asian Cup 2022 will proceed online to prevent the spread of Corona 19. The league divides eight teams into two groups, the group stage of the single round robin type, and the Group 2 team, a total of four teams advance to the semi-finals. From the semi-finals, the double aliodicination forms, and the 3/4 and the final ranking will determine the final ranking through the 3-acrimited competition.

All games of this tournament are relayed online, and Chinese relays are Douyu, Vietnamese can be seen on the Dotkich YouTube and Facebook. More information on this competition can be found on the official homepage.