A dimension I could not imagine

“I can understand very well how clubs feel that strive to keep their financial things in order,” said Peter Frymuth, in the DFB Bureau for the 3rd League, in the presentation of the season report 2020/21 by the League carrier DFB. “If the competitive integrity suffers from non-compliance with agreements, that’s a dimension that I could not imagine the 3rd league.” Turkhücü had a bankruptcy application in January and had recently left the game operation \ – the previous games of the Munich were taken out of the rating, which violently confused the ascent race of the 1st FC Saarbrücken.

The controlling is the task of clubs, if millions are missing, this is an entrepreneurial failure.

Tom Eilers, Chairman of the third league committee

Such cases want to avoid the association in the future, Tom Eilers clearly presents the chairman of the third league committee. However, the approval procedure is also bordered in this regard, according to the Bureau Member of Darmstadt 98. “Controlling is the task of clubs, if millions are missing, this is an entrepreneurial failure,” Eilers replies about violent criticism of the admission procedure by the insolvency administrator Gregor Rider, who had expressed this Via million. “Many statements lack any basis, the approval is not based on promises, but based on facts, such as the submission of advertising contracts. Even with loans must be demonstrated that the money has already flowed,” also DFB Managing Director Manuel Hartmann The criticism of the association.

Nevertheless, Eiler brought the opportunity to involve closed professional contracts in the summer transfer period also in the current plan calculations of the procedure, because this works with plan expenditure of 31 March of each year, marriage to 31 October, the updated figures are levied. “Treaties have not yet been linked to the approval procedure, the submission serves only the player’s license. Since you can safely check if you can link that,” Eilers acknowledged. Because that was the big problem in the case of TurkGücü: One of two million euros increased personnel expenses had torn the liquidity gap according to DFB information.

The 5th Dimensional Earth Has Arrived! But Only 1% Can See It !

Meanwhile, Hartmann also considers that as in the Bundesliga despite pandemic, personnel costs have increased significantly, at € 93.6 million in 2020/21 for all 20 clubs accumulated. On average, each club put 4.9 million euros in this segment, which now attracts enormous 41.7 percent of total expenditure. “That’s a value that moves us to think,” says Hartmann. As in the 2019/20 season, 13 of 20 teams thus drove a shortfall. Although equity is on average in the positive sector, but only 9 clubs have a positive equity. From 2023/24 clubs with negative equity must improve this value by 5 percent per year.

Whether the corona-added ghost games melted the player’s groove massively together from € 35.6 to € 6 million, also advertising revenue declined by around 9 million to 69.8 million, as well as media revenue (from 22.2 to 20.7 million). Other revenue took over, from € 68.7 to € 119.4 million. This explosion is attributable to state support, ie on corona and bridging aids. Thus, a sales record of 215.8 million euros is concluded. In contrast, a total amount of EUR 224.3 million decreased by a good 10 million euros is. “We have now continuously over 200 million euros total yield, this trend seems to stabilize,” says Hartmann. “The basic possibilities to stabilize economically, so are given. Income and expenses are approaching slowly, that is our objective.” But still the 3rd league is still shaped by a structural deficit.