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How to go through OUCH TIME! Calling a level in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga is a huge game filled with tests and collectible objects. Many of them can be difficult to understand. One noticeable level test occurs in Episode I on time exceeded, but not OU-GUNGAN-ED level. Calling a level called Oh time! requires players Destroy 300 combat droids with one booma shot from the Gungana catapult.

How to destroy 300 combat droids in the episode I LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGA

At this level, players participate in the cult battle of Guggar. Later at the level of the players will take control of one of the gangganic grenade launchers, destroying large groups of enemy droids and turrets. To complete the level test, players should strive for central location on the field , between droid groups where many droid groups are grouped.

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Booms have a fairly wide aoe-distribution, so the aiming between the droid groups should destroy all surrounding the point of contact of the booma. This level test is easily skipped, since the players are likely to strive for certain droid groups, not aware of the large radius of the Buma explosion.

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