Is it possible to play My Time AT Sandrock on Windows 7/8?

Since Windows 10/11 is becoming increasingly popular, it often becomes more difficult to play new games on the old software. Sometimes it can work, and sometimes not. Having this in mind, will the latest simulator game MY TIME AT SANDROCK work on windows 7/8?

Answer Yes, but the game is not supported for Windows 7/8 – this means that the game My Time At Sandrock will be played, but it will suffer from problems, errors and failures. It is strongly recommended to play the game on a more modern version of Windows, where you can play with minimal problems.

My Time at Sandrock - Official Early Access Release Date Trailer

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Is it possible to start My Time AT Sandrock in Steam Deck?

If you do not have a modern computer with installed Windows 10/11, My Time At Sandrock can work on Steam Deck, the new portable gaming system Valves. It will be 100 percent in it, without updating the computer and not expecting the console after many months.

My Time At Sandrock will be played in Steam Deck in the same way as on PC. It will keep in mind complete optimization for the PC, and you do not need to worry about the fact that the console port will be dim or worse.

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