The second season of Squid Game would arrive at Netflix in 2024

At the beginning of this year, Netflix confirmed that we would eventually have a second season of Squid Game , this after the first part became a global phenomenon. Hwang Dong Hyuk , his creator, thanked fans for all support and promised to make his best possible effort to move forward with the continuation of this story, he would be reaching the platform of streaming to 2024.

PLATING WITH MIPTV , Hwang mentioned that he is currently very busy working on a “violent film” known as K.O. Club. According to Hwang , this project will be so controversial that you should probably avoid the outputs to the public once it is released, but leaving aside the jokes, the South Korean also said that after finishing this project, he will be returning home to finish The second season of Squid Game.

SQUID GAME - Season 2 Full TEASER TRAILER | Netflix

According to Hwang , the plans of it are to launch the second part of Squid Game at some point of 2024, although he reiterates that this is not official, and they are only the hope of him. Said the above, Hwang promised that he will not lower the quality of the show with this new season, so he asks for patience to the fans to allow him to work without so much pressure.

Editor’s note: It is good that Hwang takes the time he needs, although it will not be very difficult for fans to lose patience. After all, we still have a couple of years to get until 2024 and there are already people demanding that the second season launch, when they have not even started working on it.