April 4 Lewdle Answer: Notes and Solution for Lewdle 77

It’s a new day, which means that there is a new Lewdle puzzle to solve. Lewdle is the daring cousin of Wordle, the daily pun, which was immediately an internet sensation after its publication at the beginning of this year. Since then, countless Wordle clones have appeared, but Lewdle remains one of the most popular spin-offs. Today’s word is not the dirty word in the game, but it still fits for the description. We support you with hints, tips and the answer for LEWDLE 77 on Monday, April 4th.

4. April Lewdle clues

Here are a few hints for today’s Lewdle.

  • There is no double letters in this word.
  • This word has a vowel.
  • This word starts with the letter C.
  • This word ends with the letter S.

Wordle Puzzle Answer – April 4, 2022 | 4/4/22 #289
* This word describes a sexually transmitted disease.

Today’s word is not as risky as some of the LEWDLE solutions previously presented, so it may not be immediately involved if you try to think of appropriate (or inappropriate, we should say) terms. If you still need help to find out what the answer is, then continue to find the solution for the Lewdle of April 4th.

Lewdle 77 Answer

If you need the answer to the Lewdle of April 4th, you do not need to look for. They are in the right place. Scroll under the image down to see the solution for Lewdle 77.

The answer to the LEWDLE of April 4th is crab . The official LEWDLE definition for this word is an “informal term for felt lice, small parasites, which are committed to hair and skin near the genitals and typically transmitted by sexual contact”. Sounds like fun.

How does Lewdle work?

Lewdle is an offshoot of Wordle, a daily pun, where players have to guess a random word from five letters every day. Instead of using each word with five letters, Lewdle only acts with inappropriate and sexual terms. It is easy to understand why it is so popular.

Just like Wordle, the game gives you only a certain number of experiments before they are locked for the day. It will tell you if you properly guess letters or if you have the right letters on the wrong place, so all Wordle fans will feel at Lewdle at home.

Streaks are also a large part of Lewdle, and many people are proud to maintain long-lasting streecs. Sometimes, however, the daily LEWDLE word is difficult to guess, so it is not a shame to search for help. Most people do it anyway, so stay with Attack of the Fanboy to get the best LEWDLE tips, hints and solutions.

You can play Lewdle now for free in your web browser.

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