Mother Solo, Banabi Sanjang, Gyeonggi Games Academy Student Recruitment

Gyeonggi-do is the game start and development and development of the game “game academy” in the game and development of the “Game Academy” in April 26.

The 11th group in the Pangyo Global Global Games Center will be selected for up to 20 teams and conduct customized training according to the stage of game development.

The basic process proceeds to educate entrepreneurship and basic game development, and provides an intensifying process aimed at the launch of the game of the game of 8 teams in the basic course students.

Students (up to 180 million won, up to 15 million won (up to 15 million won, and follow – up) ▲ 1: 1 project mentoring ▲ Developmental steel ▲ Provide joint development space ▲ PC and equipment ▲ can receive internal and external networking benefits.

Gyeonggi Launches Home-visiting Library Service for Young Children

After completion of the process, the three teams selected as the excellent project are selected for additional development support (1 year) (1 year) (1 year) (1 year) ▲ support (marketing, QA, resource production, etc.) ▲ game show participation (copper, etc.) to provide.

The game Game Academy is a professional educational program that is a game founding and development that is operated from 2016 in Gyeonggi Province. To date, we have operated 10 aches of the entrepreneurship and supported a total of 105 new business and game development.

In 2021, a high-class PD from the Academy of Academy, received awards from the “Republic of Korea Games” in the Indie Game Mother Solo, and the annual banney of Wonder for Potion from the 8th Anniversary is a contract with Neowizu and prepared its formal launch. In addition, many students have recorded the Audition Award and Justa / BIC Exhibitor.

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